Minecraft world: Hadrian’s wall

I (Jacob), Henry, Ellie and Alex have been working on a big project on our Morocco Minecraft world – an enormous wall around everyone’s houses inspired by Hadrian’s Wall. If you are worrying there is not enough space inside the wall, there loads more space inside the wall here are some pictures.


Minecraft world for Morocco Class!

We’ve set up a Minecraft world for Morocco Class

To use it you’ll need to have:

  • Minecraft ‘Bedrock edition’ – which you can get on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC (Windows Store)
  • A Microsoft account for your child – you need this to be able to login to the server securely
  • If you want, you can setup a family group at https://family.microsoft.com, using an existing adult Microsoft account or creating a new one – then you can add a child account to that family group. There are some screentime and other controls that you might want to look at.

Or you can just create a standalone Microsoft account for your child and use that (https://signup.live.com/signup)