Breakfast morning: ‘sports for all’ week

During ‘sports for all’ week we are planning to have a healthy breakfast in the year one classes on Tuesday 26 June.

We will provide the children with some porridge (children with milk allergies will have soya milk/alternative).

Could you please send in some fruit already cut up or a large carton of pure fruit juice. The fruit will be shared out with the children.

This will be a ‘model healthy breakfast’ so please ensure your child has eaten before coming to school. There will be a signing up sheet for you to indicate your contribution on the doors of the year one classes. Thank you.

Year One Team

Rokesly Summer Fair: Saturday 7 July

[Message from Summer Fair organisers}

As you probably know, the Summer Fair is one of the school’s largest fundraising events of the year. In 2017 the money raised which was put towards book bags, school trips, new sports equipment, Christmas trees and many other things that enrich our children’s lives at school so, please, get involved, get creative, get busy and most of all have some fun!

There are many stalls and tasks involved in the fair so each class is allocated one to manage. Below you will find some guidelines and tips to get you started….GOOD LUCK!

GREEN CLASS has been selected to look after the ARTS AND CRAFTS AREA

This is always a popular area at the fair, especially with younger children. It is suggested you choose four craft activities with a range of price points from 50p to £2. There are a lot of materials left in the shed from last year to use up.

What you need to do before the fair…

  • One person from the class needs to be a point of contact and come to the summer fair preparation meeting on Tuesday 5th June, 7.30pm at The Maynard. Please email as soon as possible to let the organiser know who you are.
  • Check what craft materials are in the Infant and Junior PSA cupboards. You can get a key to the Infant cupboard from the office. The Junior cupboard will be opened on Friday 22nd June at 3.30pm
  • Buy any materials needed. All expenditure will be reimbursed.
  • Could we add something for the older children this year?

What you need to do on the morning of the fair…

  • Be there an hour before to set it all up including bin bags for rubbish.

What you need to do during the fair…

  • You need a rota of parents to look after the area throughout the fair, ideally 4 people at a time. Hourly shifts are recommended.

What you need to do at the end of the fair…

  • Any spare materials need to be put back into the Junior PSA cupboard only using boxes provided. Craft materials not property stored in boxes get ruined or lost.
  • Tables and chairs returned to where they came from and leave area clear.

Other things you need to know…

  • This will be a ticketed event so people will purchase games tickets on arrival and use them for a turn – therefore you will not be handling cash but you do need to save the tickets and pass them to the cash office.
  • Please count the tickets before you hand them to the cash office and email us with the total.
  • Please secure the tickets in a clearly labelled freezer bag so the cash office can record how much each event made.
  • The crafts cost between one and four games tickets per go.
  • The crafts area is in the Reception playground where the canopies can provide shelter if needed.

Please email us with any queries and to be put in touch with someone who helped out with this last year.

Planetarium workshops

[Letter from Year One Team]

Dear parents/carers

As part of our space topic we have arranged for the school to be visited by a ‘pop up planetarium’ on Tuesday 23 January. This is a wonderful way for the children to learn some new things about space and the planets in our solar system. Each Year One class will have their own show lasting about 45 minutes and we expect the to gain a great deal of knowledge from this experience.

We are requesting a voluntary contribution of £4.50 per child towards this event. Money will need to be sent in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and class written clearly on the front. You can also pay via your Scopay account. The payment deadline is Monday 22 January.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

The Year One Team

Year One Phonic Screening Check: letter to parents

Dear parents/carers

On Tuesday 16 January, the Year One team held a meeting about the Year One Phonic Screening Check.

What is the Phonic Screening Check?

The Phonic Screening Check is a quick check of your child’s ability to decode words using only his/her phonic knowledge. The Phonic Screening is a statutory assessment for all children in Year One. It will take place during the week commencing 11 June 2018.

How does the check work?

Your child will be asked to read 40 words aloud to their class teacher. Your child is able to sound out, but they are expected to blend the word independently. It is their final answer that will be scored.

The list of 40 words is a combination of both ‘real’ words and ‘nonsense’ words. In class, we call the ‘nonsense’ words ‘alien’ words.

In previous years, the pass mark has bee 32 out of 40. You will be informed of your child’s mark when you receive your child’s end of year school report. Children who score fewer than the expected pass mark will be expected to retake the Phonic Screening Check in June 2019.

How can I help my child?

First and foremost, please continue to hear you child read. Please continue to read to your child and talk about stories and non-fiction books. Reading is not solely made up of phonics and in class we use a range of strategies to teach your child to read and develop their comprehension of fiction and non-fiction text.

Practical ways in which you can support your child

We will be sending home a list of real and alien words (see worksheet). Please encourage your child to look for any sounds they can see before sounding out and reading the word to you, eg ‘igh’ as in might, and a-e as in snake. Please encourage your child to look for any words within words. Encourage and support them.

Also, we have included a Phonic Chart. This shows the sounds covered in Year One with a word example containing the sound. This is meant for the adult as a reference guide to saying the sounds. We have also included charts for phase 2 sounds, phase 3 sounds and phase 5 sounds.

A great and fun phonic resource is the Letters and Sounds website. There are a range of fun games your child can play. Have fun.

Kind regards

The Year One Team


KICKABOUT FC @ Rokesly Infants

  • Year 1: Mondays: 3:20–4:30pm
  • £60 
  • 9 or 10 sessions, course starts Monday 15 January 2018

Sessions start straight after school and parents are kindly asked not to collect earlier than 4:30pm

(After-school club kids will be dropped off after the session by our staff).

To reserve a place text 07971 649 988 with the following details:


Once you receive confirmation, please bank transfer payment or let us know if you prefer to pay cash at collection first session. Please do not pay until you receive confirmation of your place.

Once place is confirmed, please fill out the slip below with the relevant details and give to coaching staff at first session. If paying by cheque, it is £60 made out to Kickabout FC.

  • Bank Transfer to
    • Account: 44115388
    • Sort code: 09-01-27
    • Reference: Child’s name

Contact: 07971 649 988 or