International Evening: Thurs 9 Nov

Next Thursday 9th November is International Evening! It is a free event to promote and celebrate our school community. Unfortunately it didn’t happen last year as there weren’t enough volunteers and we’re hoping we don’t have to cancel it again this year.

To be able to go ahead and be a success the PSA are looking for donations of prepared food, for example a family favourite or a dish from your cultural background. This can be a starter, main or pudding. The idea is everyone shares and tastes something new (or at least something they didn’t make!). I assume no nuts!

Helpers to are also needed on the 9th to do the following jobs

  • set up
  • serve food
  • sell drinks
  • tidy up

We are also looking for entertainment, we have the infant school choir performing but if there are any other parents/carers who would like to showcase their talents that would be great. 
If anyone can help with any of the above please email the PSA chair –
I hope everyone can bring something, come along on the 9th and/or volunteer. 

It’s a family event and is on fairly early to encourage people to come as a family rather than having to find babysitters. More details will follow soon.

It would be great if this event could go ahead this year.